Work package: CellTools

In the work package CellTools VTT focuses on technologies for the analysis and visualization of molecular events in living cells.

Living cells are used as sensors for the analysis of functional responses of drugs, siRNA, antibodies, toxins plant and environmental extracts to biological pathways. The results can be used in target validation, ADME/Tox studies and in the search of new biomarkers.


Cell biochip technology in drug development (CELL BIOCHIP)

Cell-based screening

Single cell analytics (CELLTOOLS)

Cell membrane permeability: degree of exactness in drug delivery (CEMEFLU )

Silicon chip laboratory for cell level drug development (SOLULAB)

Analyses of toxicological methods (TOKMA)

Automatic analyses, detection and manipulation of gene functions (GENOMANDA)

Active-neuro-electronic arrays (ANEA)